Safety Net Services Contra Costa County –

Safety Net Services Contra Costa County

Safety Net Services in Contra Costa County

At Trinity Center, located in Walnut Creek, CA, we are driven by a commitment to provide essential safety net services to the unsheltered and unstably housed adults in Contra Costa County. Our mission embodies values of dignity, respect, inclusion, equity, and enhancing the vibrancy of life for everyone who walks through our doors. Here, I would like to share an overview of the comprehensive support services and programs available in our community, which are designed to uplift individuals and families facing the challenges of poverty and homelessness.

Food Assistance Programs

Food Banks and Pantries

We collaborate with local food banks and pantries to ensure that nutritious food is accessible to those in need. Our center also provides breakfast and a hot lunch to members daily.

SNAP Benefits and WIC

Our team assists members in applying for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits and WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) to guarantee they have ongoing access to healthy food.

Housing Assistance

Emergency Shelter and Housing Focused Case Management

Our housing assistance programs include emergency shelter options and housing-focused case management aimed at securing stable housing solutions.

Rental Assistance

We offer rental assistance programs to prevent homelessness and facilitate sustainable housing situations for individuals and families.

Financial Assistance

Cash Aid and Utility Bill Assistance

Our financial assistance services include cash aid programs and support with utility bills to ease the financial burden on vulnerable populations.

Health Services

Community Health Clinics and Mental Health Services

We ensure access to community health clinics and provide mental health services and substance abuse treatment, recognizing the importance of holistic wellness.

Health Insurance Enrollment

Our staff assist members with health insurance enrollment, ensuring they receive the medical care they need.

Employment Services

Workforce Development Program

Our Workforce Development Program includes job training, resume building workshops, and job placement assistance, empowering members to secure employment.

Legal Assistance

Legal Aid and Tenant Rights Advocacy

Access to legal assistance and tenant rights advocacy is crucial. We provide support services for those facing legal challenges, including domestic violence.

Childcare Services

Childcare Subsidies and Head Start Programs

Supporting families includes providing childcare subsidies and access to Head Start programs, ensuring children have a strong foundation for success.

Transportation Assistance

Public Transportation Discounts and Gas Vouchers

To help with mobility, we offer public transportation discounts, gas vouchers, and vehicle repair programs, ensuring access to essential services and employment opportunities.

Education and Training Programs

Adult Education and Vocational Training

We support lifelong learning through adult education classes, vocational training programs, and GED preparation courses, fostering personal and professional growth.

The impact of Trinity Center’s work within Contra Costa County is a testament to our commitment to service and empowerment. Over the last year, we have provided 35,275 tracked services and facilitated 66 housing/shelter placements. Our work, supported by an array of community partnerships and the invaluable assistance of volunteers, reflects a dedicated effort to uplift and support the most vulnerable members of our community.

We invite those who share our vision of dignity, respect, inclusion, and equity to join us—whether through donations, volunteering, or simply spreading the word about our services. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need in Contra Costa County. For more information on how you can contribute or seek assistance, please contact us at (925) 949-8712 or via email at

Safety Net Services Contra Costa County

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