Wellness Program

Comprehensive & Holistic

Trinity Center is excited to announce our newest emerging  program, a distinctive, substantive, comprehensive Wellness Program that addresses the challenges and barriers to health and well-being faced by those living unsheltered or unstably housed.

Trinity Center defines wellness as a multidimensional state of being that includes physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social, and environmental wellness. We believe that each dimension is equally important and that each person is deserving of holistic wellness. 

For a Trinity Center member, the pathway to sustainable housing is connected to the individuals’ abilities to obtain and maintain employment and income, mental and physical health, sobriety, and social connections.

Workshop topics will include

  • Enrolling in health care insurance
  • Accessing medical care, including vaccinations, dental, vision care, prescription services
  • Accessing mental health and substance use disorder services
  • Accessing healthy meals, enrollment in Cal Fresh, and a basic understanding of nutrition
  • Creating your personal wellness action plan
  • Finding creative outlets and building social networks
  • Literacy and ESL
  • Finance 101
  • Speaker Training – learn to tell your story in a dignified and impactful way
  • Preparing your housing packet and searching for your housing opportunity
  • Preparing for employment by updating your resume and sharpening your interview and work related skills

We are seeking volunteers with skills in these area to develop our curriculum, lead these workshops, and coach our members as they participate in these workshops.