If you’d like to help, here is a Trinity Center Wish List:

Food Pantry Items

• Cases of bottled water, or 6-packs of Gatorade, etc.
• Soups, stews, or chili
• Canned meats – tuna, chicken, corned beef hash
• Fruit, fruit cups, pudding
• Peanut butter & Jelly
• Crackers, flat bread
• Juice boxes
• Soy Milk – any flavor, vanilla is a favorite!
• Cereal (both hot and cold cereals)
• Top ramen, cup of noodles
• Bottled water (water is very hard for people to get @ $1.00/per bottle)

Gift Cards and Transportation

• Safeway, Target Gift Cards, any amount
• Gift Cards for Gasoline for those who have cars – can be purchased at Safeway & Lucky
• Bus Passes and BART Tickets (bart tickets with small amounts left are welcome)
• County Connection Single Ride Tickets – available at County Connection office, WC BART

Men’s and Women’s Underwear and Warmers

• New or used (clean and in good condition)
• Warm socks, tee shirts, men’s & women’s underpants & shorts
• Thermal underwear in all sizes (“long johns”) for men and women,
• Hand warmers & “Warmers of all Kinds” (Big 5 or any sporting goods store)

Personal Hygiene Items for Men and Women – The “sample size” bottles are great!

• Toothpaste, tooth brushes & mouthwash
• Shampoo
• Soap (liquid or bars – antibacterial is good)
• Anti-bacterial hand cleanser
• Feminine hygiene products
• Chap stick
• Foot spray and foot powder & lotion
• Deodorant
• Razors for men (double edged) & women
• Wet Ones Towelettes
• Shaving cream

First aid supplies

• Band-aids
• Peroxide
• Alcohol
• Neosporin
• Hydrocortisone ointment/cream
• Aspirin, Tylenol, allergy & cold meds

Laundry Supplies

• Detergent
• Fabric softener sheets
• Stain Remover Products

Paper Products & other items for meals

• Sturdy paper plates and bowls for cereal
• Latex gloves
• Napkins
• Plastic cutlery
• Paper coffee cups – 8 oz.
• Coffee creamer
• Sugar packets

Non-Shelter Amelioration

• Tents and Sleeping Bags, new or used in good condition
• Flashlights
• LED lanterns

Office Supplies

• All kinds from paperclips to copy paper & printer cartridges (call for printer model)