WALNUT CREEK — Putting a temporary homeless shelter in the city’s National Guard Armory near Civic Park was never going to be easy, but keeping it there may be balanced on a hair trigger reaction: One wrong move and it will be gone.

The City Council has approved moving forward with the plan to house no more than 30 people at the armory this winter, but it set stringent oversight to ease neighbors’ concerns. On October 22nd the Planning Commission voted unanimously to approved a Conditional User Permit for the winter evening shelter at the Armory. ┬áMembers of the Commission thanked Executive Director, Donna Colombo, and Trinity Center for taking a leadership role in taking care of Walnut Creek’s most vulnerable residents. ┬áMr. Krelic commented, “… we take care of displaced bats and birds, when building… but we often forget about displaced people.”

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