Community CenterIn 2016 the City approved the development plans for St. Paul’s Commons, designed by Pyatok architects. This is the new building Trinity Center will return to, to continue providing weekday support to homeless adults on the ground floor. The current Trinity Center buildings on St. Paul’s land just east of their sanctuary will need to be demolished to make way for the new building.

Last month our developer, Resources for Community Development, received an award of low-income housing tax credits for St. Paul’s Commons, so we’re working to start construction in early 2018.

Temporary Location During Construction
Trinity Center will temporarily use a vacant building at 1271 S. California Blvd, in downtown Walnut Creek at the corner of Botelho Avenue, while St. Paul’s Commons is being built. We will be moving around the end of January/beginning of February of 2018 and will be there for approximately 18 months while our new building is built.

Have a truck? Packing & painting skills? Volunteers are needed to help pack, move, unpack, paint and more. Email Jenny Quijada.